Larimer Street, Denver in 1859

The Leavenworth City & Pike's Peak Express Company was formed in February, 1859 by William Russell and John Jones. The express operated between Denver City and Leavenworth City, Kansas Territory with the inaugural trip arriving in Denver on May 7, 1859. From that date until July 9, 1859 mail was carried over the Platte Valley route as government mail matter in error (during the period of the Coraville markings), and from June 26, 1859 until July 19, 1859 mails were again carried as express matter on the Platte Valley route. When Amos Streck arrived at Denver City on that date he brought with him the "Jones & Russells Pike's Peak Express Company" handstamp that began being used. On May 28, 1859 the express moved their offices from Larimer Street to Blake Street.

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One of four reported inbound covers carried on Republican River route

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14 May 1859 Fincastle, Ohio to Denver City, Kansas Territory

By government mails to Leavenworth City, Kansas Territory where it was turned over to the express

27 May Leav'n City & Pike's Peak Express Co. datestamp



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