The C.O.C. & P.P. Express was formed by Russell, Majors and Wadell in February, 1860. The express operated between the mining towns, via Denver City, to Leavenworth City, Kansas Territory or to Saint Joseph, Missouri. It was sold to Ben Holladay in March, 1862.

Manuscript "Pd G" and "Collect 10 cts" for delivery charge from Denver City to Hamilton

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19 June 1860 Blue River Diggings, Utah Territory (near Breckenridge) to Fort Dodge, Iowa

28 June C.O.C. & P.P. Express, Denver City K.T. datestamp, express charges prepaid in cash

5 July 1860 entered the U.S. mails at Saint Joseph, Missouri


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25 June 1860 Leavenworth City, Kansas Territory inbound to Hamilton, Kansas Territory (Park County)

25 June C.O.C. & P.P. Express, Leavenworth City K.T. datestamp, one of three reported



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